The Trip To Gulmarg

One advantage of Gulmarg is that it’s not too far from Srinagar. You can make a day trip to Gulmarg from Srinagar. One-way the trip takes about 1.5 hours.

The base camp at Tangmarg offers snow boots and snow coats but I’m not  too sure these are needed. It also depends which time of the year you are visiting and if there is snow at all.. I went in April and there were patches of muddy snow in Gulmarg and pure white snow in the upper reaches of Khilanmarg..

If there is no snow, in case you have your own sports shoes and a warm jacket you should be good enough. The snow boots you can rent have an advantage though, they don’t tend to sink too much in the snow like regular sports shoes and they don’t fill with snow since they are quite high. You could consider gloves if you are going up the Gondola ..

The Gulmarg Pasture

Anyway, we had a pretty good driver who took us via the longer arc – turned right at Gulmarg’s entry so we could enjoy the drive while watching the green pasture and horses rather than take the shorter route on the left to the gate of the Gondola.

The Gondola comes in 2 phases. Phase 1 is Gulmarg to Kangdoor which costs Rs. 700… and the next phase is Kangdoor to Aparwath which costs Rs. 900. Phase 2 was closed that day because of snowfall in the higher reaches yet a few who had already purchased tickets online were allowed to go.. So, in case you want some more thrill & a better chance in going to the top, buy your tickets online at

At Kangdoor, I finally got a chance to ride the snowmobile – they’re available at Kangdoor costing between Rs. 1500 – 5000 depending on how far the points are that you want to visit… Got some really breathtaking views there..

The snowmobiles at Kangdoor
Me at the last snowmobile point
At the last snowmobile point

There are some tents and small restaurants offering food at Kangdoor, and you can try the  Kashmiri Pulav they serve..

Back in main Gulmarg, most of the restaurants and dhabas serve veg food like Alu Paratha, Rajma, Chhole etc..- but I managed to find one non- veg restaurant called Santoor – Had some amazing seekh kebabs and kehva there.

Seekh Kebab with roti and kehva
Seekh Kebab with roti and kehva

All in all – a great place to visit.. Check out all the pics here 


Band, Baja, Baraat

As Band, Baja and Baraat reached Centaur Hotel, to celebrate a ‘unique’ marriage, the feeling was overwhelming for many. Moments after, as the bridegroom Amol Nehru and bride Pashmeena strolled in the lawn, it was picture perfect for the migrant community and those turned to be the part of it.

Two Kashmiri pandit families living outside, the bridegroom in Pune and the bride from Ahmedabad, had turned up along with their immaculately dressed relatives to celebrate the wedding.